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YLM, short for YAMII, of which the first and last letter "Y" and "M" are the essential abbreviation part for YAMII brand. The middle letter "L" refers to 3-L standard of YAMII: Always remember the original intention & full of gratitude and love; Always devoted to the power of scientific research lab & continuously driven by innovation; Build the ultimate internal skin care brand & enjoy the delicate and wonderful life.

YAMII always believes in the power of scientific research and is dedicated to continuously updating the new lead of the skin care industry and creating a new era of scientific make-up with the power of science.

Brand Vision: Dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle and discovering the essence of a wonderful life

Brand Mission: Have the drink improve your life; Make the drink secure your future

Brand Values: safe, effective, altruistic, win-win



Five years of market research and comprehensive data analysis on healthy skin care industry as one type of massive health industries;



We launched the Massive Health Project and established the Brand Department of YAMII, officially initiating our market of skin care drinking products as part of the massive health industry;

YAMII announced the strategic partnership with Times Co., Ltd. and Japanese Asahi Industry Co., Ltd, hired a well-known research and development team with a high salary to establish a Research and Development Team exclusively for YAMII and with patented raw materials, the first YAMII product was born. 



YAMII cooperated with Times Co., Ltd. and Japanese Asahi Industry Co., Ltd. initially launching two YAMII products: enzymes and cubilose collagen, which were officially released in Seoul, South Korea.

YAMII reached a strategic partnership with Daido Pharmaceutical Corporation of Japan, preparing YAMII for creating a stunning new cool technology.



YAMII and Daido Pharmaceutical Corporation jointly established YAMII special research and development team to provided all-round services including independent R&D solutions, recipe design, samplings of laboratory and container status recommendation.

YAMII achieved a strategic partnership with TCI Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, hired a well-known German R&D team, established YAMII Special Laboratory and YAMII Special Quality Inspection Office, and worked together with nine laboratories from TCI Co., Ltd., and other departments to jointly develop products for YAMII. YAMII adopted multi-national patented  and world-renowned raw materials, scientific recipes and optimal ratios. YAMII always believes in the power of science, and produces with special production lines of YAMII.

TCI Co., Ltd. from Taiwan inherits the ingenuity spirit of YAMII, and strives for a stable, scientific and high quality, securing the safety and effectiveness of YAMII products.



The sugar-free drink was officially released, officially declaring a new era of YAMII anti-sugar drinks. YAMII thus embraced a new milestone.

Daido Pharmaceutical Corporation of Japan and YAMII reached a win-win co-operation to exchange ideas on raw material development, recipe design, production process and quality control, constantly improved and innovated, and actively introduced new equipment to ensure efficient production of YAMII. Daido Pharmaceutical Corporation of Japan applied oral hyaluronic acid technology to YAMII products for the first time, and added a number types of patented raw materials, making YAMII a powerful force in the history of anti-aging.

YAMII enzymes has stood out in numerous make-up products after years of tests, and finally won Detoxification Make-up Award in Rayli Make-up Award Contest, completing a full promotion for the products and brand of YAMII.



YAMII has won favors from a large number of celebrities and fans by virtue of products from the enzyme to up-to-date Japanese oral hyaluronic acid, among whom include Bao Wenjing, Ulin, Joseph Cheng, Vega Li, Summer, Shen Mengchen, Jenny, Oscar Sun, Annie Shizuka Inou, Cici Ye, Deng Sha, Leon Jay Williams, Angela Zhang, and PONY etc., which officially indicates an all-star recommended era for YAMII.

Worked with TCI, YAMII launched Yamii supreme dual collagen and complete dual collagen, which were developed from 5-country delicately selected, 4-country awarded & 3-country patent raw materials, with a scientific and rigorous recipe. These two new products further updated the new collagen lead of the industry;

YAMII worked with Daido Pharmaceutical Corporation and successfully produced YAMII oral hyaluronic acid with a completely new cool technology, and the powerful scientific research technology will redefine anti-aging skin care;


In May, Japanese cosmeceutical stores were successively opened for customers.

outlets of superior products (Ikebukuro)

Address: 2F, Daiwa Industrial Building, 1-28-6, Western Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, 171-0021, Tokyo


Address: 20-1, Chome-2, Western Namba, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan


Address: 3-12, Soemon-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan

Z&Z Cosmeceuticals Store

Address: 5-15, Eastern Chome-1, Chuo-ku, Osaka



YAMI will launch the thousand-store program which supports both online and offline business. Light & luxury medical make-up, advanced sink care and whole-store plan will be available to create a high-end, truly-oriented YAMII service.





YAMII keeps moving forward with full bloom and always believes firmly that a stream of forces are supporting us all the time. YAMII will not forget the initial mission, and will stay grateful for encountering every single of you.

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